Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year Everyone...

If this is early for you, (like me) late, or just right...

I hope your next year is as good and better than the last one and that we will look back on 2009 and think ' what a heck of year was that! ' In a good way...hopefully!!!

Zoe xoxo

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wild Child for Eternity...

This is it, the Eternity spoiler before the magazine's realease in a couple of days...

he he he...exciting

Alice is PREGNANT...


Yet again Alice (Hunnigall) will be having another baby with Chace. (Nojarama) After (said to) being only five days old baby Chalice is very excited about having a little brother or sister...

(Photograph from The Stardoll Secret Life.)

*UPDATE* The bump should be arriving soon...

*UPDATE* Chace and Alice will be getting married soon...they're engagement/wedding ring is going to be diamond...Chace is full of money huh!?

A Baby is born...

Chalice, Daughter of Alice (Hunnigal) and Chace (Nojarma)

The 'baby' was said to be born five days ago, on Christmas day. But that is yet to be confirmed.

Chaclice is (from her mothers own words) 'Well over 28lbs' which tells you she's one heavy baby...

This 'photograph' was taken by the mother herself, Cute huh?

Monday, 28 December 2009

A New Year, a New Issue from Eternity...

Yes it is true! From Mary herself she has said that the realease of the latest issue of Eternity will be between the first and the fifth of Janurary 2010!

There will be a realease party sometime in Jan and I'm sure it'll be a blast!

So be ready!

Zoe xoxo

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesday's 5 Top Tips...

Tuesday's Top 5 Tips:

1. To make your album a little less boring, once you've saved the doll you have just dressed up, write their name and either a little bit about them or why you picked this outfit. Always finsihed it off with a couple of flowers round the edges so it's not all plain text.

2. Enter as many competitions in the Stardoll magazine. Do this every time something new appears, then, forget about them. The competitions you enter the more likly you'll win something!

3. Before you buy a item of clothing, get some of the clothes you already own and try them on together. Find an outfit that fits together with your new clothes. So you don't have to buy a whole new outfit or even have a item that doesn't go with anything.

4. Before you buy an item, check the price and see if there is one similair but cheaper around. Maybe even something that you could make look the same. This will save you money but you'll still look stylish!

5. Look out for new things coming into the Starplaza. You never know if Stardoll might have accidentally made them free!

Zoe xoxo

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Danpuffs - Sweet or Sour...

Finally Stardoll's Most Hated Website is back and Danpuffs is doing quite well on his own without the Queen Herself posting.

Danpuffs is finally getting 'his' act together after publically embarassing 'himself' by lying to the Stardoll world about 'his' Gender. (No hard feeling 'Dan' we forgive you)

He most recently posted his veiw on the picked nomanies for 'Star Awards' Giving red to his favourite, blue to who should win and green to the person who he thought should'nt have ever been picked.

Looking at the post now shows he has very strong oppions against Rachweee123 running for Best Dressed Medoll of the Year and Social Butterfly of the year, giving her green in both catagorys:

"Rachwee123 must have bribed the blind to vote for her. She should have swapped their braile keyboard for a cheese grater so they know how insulting it is to genuinly stylish people that she got nominated"

then later added:

"Rachweee123 is a snivelling brown noser desperate for both approval and popularity, if this was the 'I try WAY to hard award' then she'd win without a doubt but of all the nominations she's both the least deserving and the most devoid of personality."

Even though he does state he's biased is this going to far...

Personally I think that the other people Rachweee123's group are more likely to win, but does this still mean you can still put her down? But then he is part of the judging pannel...?

Is Danpuff's sourness really fair? Or is this really his sweeter side?

Friday, 23 October 2009

Sweet Cherries

*no banner*

Do you like cherries?

Do you like Clothes?

What about cherries ON clothes!?

My new design I have made is cherri-tastic have a look:

Since the actual dress is $14 I am selling them for $15...just to bring me $1 profit! You can have them any colour you want or even if you don't want it on a dress just ask. But they will alwasy be $1 dearer to get me a little bit of profit!

Even if you don't want to buy them, please just say below in comments what you think of them!!!

Zoe xoxo

P.S They are not on sale yet, you need to order first! XD

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Spoooooooooky Stoooooory Comp

*sorry no banner something's gone wrong!*

What is your character for Stardoll Halloween 09? A vampire? A werewolf? Or a happy but scary clown? (lol dramatic difference!)

Me? What is mio dressing up as....Have a look for youself:

Yes, I know a cat, not so scary like huh? Well my cat could be an alien cat who desides that fish and milk are disgusting and that humans shouldn't drink or eat milk and fish and to take it all and zap it with it's laser eyes and in the meantime realise it's already in the humans bodies and with it's mish or filk detector it kills ALL HUMANS! (apart from vegans...who don't eat fish or drink milk.) And then it takes over the world with it's vegan slaves who are forced to wear last seasons DKNY, which is SOOOOOO last year! (lol)

Lol Maybe not...which brings me to my IDEA!

This halloween I have decided to launch a comp, it's a story comp to do with your character that you are dressing up as. All you have to do is write your Stardoll Username below in the comments and say what your charcter will be then email (yes I know weird email but) with your story, blogger username and what blog you entered this comp from.

It can be as long as you want but it has to be funny and have at least 2 other charcters apart from you. The prize is your story up on the blog AND a mention in my new coming magazine XOXO. (more about that in the next post!)

Please have fun...

Zoe xoxo

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Diamond 's clothes, just out of our reach!

*No Banner sorry*
As most have you have probably heard about there was some free clothes offers going around saying there should be some Amy Diamond stuff due to her new album coming out.

But being Stardoll, to help Amy out they are only giving the clothes to people who have actually bought the album, since there is a code on it...somewhere...that you enter into stardoll and WA-LA you have the clothes...So sadly the clothes are univailable for the people who don't buy the CD...for now anyhoo!

Keep your eyes peeled if you want the clothes becasue I am sure that someone will leak the code and we will all have our Diamond clothes (I wish!!!)

If I get my hands on the code I will be sure to tell you :)

Happy Looking!!!

Zoe xoxo

Monday, 19 October 2009

Coming To Stardoll Soon...

*Thanks The Stardoll Life for the picture*

Coming to Stardoll Soon!

I like the belt on the purple shirt and you could do alot with the dungarees!

What do you think about them?

Monday, 12 October 2009

GLOW Magazine - One of the Great Album Magazines!

GLOW Magazine!

One of the best Album Mag's there is. For an album ForgottenHope has done a fabulous job and I am very impressed.

Glow's Autumn issue has just been released making this the 4th issue so far. If you want to see it for yourself click here.

Zoe xoxo

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Pink Hotpants...Coming Soon!


Now we all like Hotbuys right? Well I thought that I would 'remind' you that day before when the next Hotbuy is coming out! So Tomorrow are the pink bat Hotpants from 'Evil Panda'

*Click to enlarge*

I will make a poll of all the people who are wearing these pants and put it up on here, but remember you must tell me your Username either in Comments or in my GB (Click here)

Enjoy wearing your new pants...(lol...)

Zoe xoxo

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Horrible Gossip Strike!!! :o

To be honest, and I think you will agree, Stardoll has lost it's Gossip 'Spark!' It's flat, completely flat!

All the gossip blogs are struggling for a good post, something JUICY to bite your teeth into...but nothing. It's really boring, there is nothing to sit down and want to read more of and bitch about to anyone.

There are no fights, no secrets, no fun in the gossip side of Stardoll!!! So I am going to plead,


But then we could always go back to lying about 'famous' elites...?

...kill me now!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

International Afro Day!

International Afro Day is tomorow so wear all you 80's gear and DANCE DANCE DANCE!!! lol weird I know but I'm doing it!!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cover Girl Cover Girl Cover Girl


This Cover Girl business is really doing my head in!

Yes, I can understand you wanting to be Covergirl but it's only meant for the people who look amazing and have a good fashion sense, or who are nice and everyone likes them! No one will vote for you is you hassle them all the time and spend all your money on Broadcasts! Your going to get nowhere and what's the point in spending all your money and time trying to get people to vote. As well as bribing them with gifts and codes! Yes someone might win your code if you become Covergirl but you basically become famous for a day on a virtual website and earn $25, which is probably not even half the amount of stardollars you used to try and become Covergirl! Your better off doing something in real life and become famous and get proper money!!!

But then, they're allowed their opinion!


Thursday, 3 September 2009

I'm sorry but WHOA! I just had to show you!

Aren't the graphics great? This is Different Magazine coming soon. Click here for the older issues.

Can't wait for it to be released! Sad!

Zoe xoxo

Coming Soon to a Stardoll near you...

Cool huh?

Click here for the link to the official mag and here for the blog! :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Haven't I seen this somewhere before?

While I was checking all the spoilers and such I came across this lil' dress:

Now suddenly something at the back on my mind realised I'd seen it somewhere

I couldn't believe it! When this Beauty Advert was made you couldn't go THAT far into the future with the spoilers...could you?

Or did Stardoll love the design and are making it as a clothing item? Who knows...but if they are, I'm buying it!!!

More news about this soon!

Z xoxo

Friday, 28 August 2009

Superstar - Finally!

(no banner on mum's laptop)


Finally I have become Superstar on Stardoll, which means I that we now have a club!!! It's called Y.G.L.T.T and you can join here. I've also got a new club called Chati-Chiks and this will be a club to just chat about anything even gossip so you can join here.

Being Superstar also means I will be more interested inHotbuys and such, so if you want that, well your getting it :)


Zoe xoxo

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Just a Graphic

This is just a random graphic I made and might use for the blog It's not completly finished because there's still some bits that aren't right, but basically that's it.

No it is not the best graphic ever but I'm working on it. Hope you like.

Zoe xoxo

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

When Gossip Rains its a Storm

Literally, there has been like NO stardoll gossip...for ages! Apart from that all the proper Gossip Blogs have gone quiet...fishy!!!

Well anyway...if you find any gossip please say!


Zoe xoxo

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Thank you Audery!

Today my friend Audery (nikki0187701) very kindly posted up one of my older posts on her blog. Isn't she fab?

Thank you Audery and If there's anything else just ask :)


Is PerezStarGossip Gossip Girl???

As I was checking blog post I saw that Gossip Girl yet again posted up and Perez (PerezStarGossip) and Dan (DanPuffs) alot of the comments below where things like, "I don't Care, I'm tired of hearing about this. Something new please!" or "Can you write about someone other than Perez for once?"

Well after all this weirdness who should arrive but LaPrimaDonna herself explaining that after telling the Stardoll World she was LPD she loved getting all this attention....(Fishy huh, maybe she just wanted attention in the first place) well she rambled on and said more things about that "It isn't easy dealing with all this new found popularity." Excuse me but I don't think it was 'New Found' this happend quite a while ago and has been dragged on and on and on! Anyway, further down somone quoted that Gossip Girl's presentation looks exactly the same as LaPrimaDonna's before she changed it and especially said "Before she pretented she was Perez?!"

Then is gets worse/better (lol)

Further down some anon say's this:

It's all spilling out now. LPD could be Perez getting some attention. LPD could be someone seeking attention. Gossip Girl could be Perez and as 'BUSTED' said because alot of people don't believe GG that's why she posts so many things about Perez...or maybe all three of them aren't eachother but there is just alot of gossip with Perez.

Or...I just thought, what if Gossip Girl is LPD and she's done this to either get back at Perez for something? or So she has something to write about? or Because she wants LPD to become Stardoll Famous but she can't think of another way how!

Mmmmmm...We will get to the bottem of this. Somehow we will all find out!!!!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Tyler's Top Trends Officailly gone!

Yes, today (well...last night) it was officail that Tyler's Top Trends is gone. The little letter through my mail saying it had been inativated by it's owner. Then I saw he'd put up yet another post about The Stardoll Journey, saying about his desiring love for the old Stardoll, about how much he got addicted to it, like most of us, and how it was all fantastic until the "Elites" were invented...

Ahhh what happy days, I kinda remember those. But then everything went crazy and new things were made and the Stardoll world got, basically, jealous at those 'Elites'

As Tyler said himself, "Stay Tuned to Find Out More.


Zoe lol

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tyler Still Blogging

Tyler is still going to be blogging but not for the huge hit Tyler'sTopTrends. Since he decided to abandon it he has made yet a new WordPress blog all about his Stardoll life.

The Stardoll Journey explains what it was like for Tayler all the way until now. Wow that's going to be a long journey. He said he wanted to show us what really happen and quotes, "No rumour will be left behind. I'm here to let it all out. It's Time I told the truth" basically he wants to clear things up about Stardoll and he also said,

"I'm tired of being the target for hatred. Stardoll is supposed to be a place for fun, a place to get away, to relax. It has become way more than that and not in a good way. Haters are building up an 'army' and it's sickening. Many people have said I don't have a life outside of Stardoll, but what I really have to say to the people that hate me or dislike me rather, do you have a life outside Stardoll? Do you verbaly attack me to get recognition or to make your self esteem to go up? Whatever the answer, I couldn't care less...your a sad excuse for a human being. There I said it...shoot me!"

As you can see he really is quite cross with all this hatred and he wants to prove that he's not the person most people think he is. There's a whole lot more said in the post here. The only thing I'm thinking at the moment is...what's the 'army' as he calls it, going to think of this?

GOSSIP ALERT...Big time!!!

Zoe xoxo

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

PerezStarGossip is LaPrimaDonna - The Plot Thickens!

Mmmmm....Kinda fishy to me. People are thinking that PerezStarGossip is LaPrimaDonna, other people are denying it...but do you see Perez saying it isn't true? Nope!

LPD (LaPrimaDonna) is telling the whole stardoll world about it, even making blogger accounts and posting on topics that have nothing to do with it and saying things like this:

Notice that it's not a real blogger account and she must be repeating that, since it's all over LPD's presentation and everything!

Then Further down the page:

Whoa...I don't think Perez is the 'Queen of Stardoll' isn't that a bit much? People say she's the Gossip queen of Stardoll but I don't think she'd say she's the Queen of it and Perez has already said that this closing down the blog was a scam but she might retire the blog, there's even a poll at the side asking if she should and it's still up there! But nope still not denying about being LPD! But notice it's not the same username and not a real blogger account! When actually this is P's:

Fishy huh. Even though it's quite clear this is a scam, that LPD is faking and confusing bascially everyone with all the lying and stuff, but still P isn't denying it! And BurnBook and Gossip Girl are very convincing it's still quite a big mistery!!!

Zoe xoxo

Will this Become the new Fashion!?

You've probably noticed that nearly all of Stardoll is going Covergirl Crazy! Most superstars are saying they will give you gifts or codes, stardollars and accounts if you vote them. It seems to be the new 'fashion' on how to become Cover Girl, It's Crazy!
But there is someone who is turning this around from being annoying messages spread over Stardoll and has decided that every Friday they will vote 1 person as many times as they can and try and make them Covergirl...but they will be non-superstar. 5*Star blog came up with the idea and I think it's great. I cannot remember one time on Stardoll where the CG was non-ss! This would be a breakthrough if they did become CG and a time that I'm sure everyone would remember. I don't know how they're picking this lucky person but they will try their best to make them CG.
If you want more action about it just click this link here.
Zoe xoxo

Monday, 10 August 2009

Who Wears the Hoodie Best


I know this has nothing to do with Stardoll gossip but i was browsing the internet when i saw Taylor Swift in a hoodie on one of her music video's it really reminded me of Avril Lavigne so I thought I'd show you how similair they look, but in the end I got a completly different pic of Taylor and you could vote on who suits they hoodie best, Avril or Taylor?

Vote on the side bar -------------->

And then I found this:

I didn't know she was cover girl on Elle once! Did you? Well it was the Canadian Elle lol!

So remember to vote for the best hoodie wearer at the side!

Zoe xoxo

Wow alot of Gossip huh?

At the moment there is so much gossip spreading over everyone's lips... It's madness.

First last night there was proof that the all-famous DanPuffs is a girl!!! :O With Stardoll Play showing the proof (here) that he is said to be a 17 yr old, called Bella!

Then Tyler's Top Trends one of the most popular Stardoll fashion blogs there is, closed down with word from Tyler himself that he basically just wanted to be a normal Stardoll member. Well to be honest, we can all say it's too late for that Tyler!

And then, if you didn't think this was enough, Gossip Girl showed the world that PerezStarGossip, the Queen of Gossip herself, is actually LaPrimaDonna. All her fans have gone crazy and's still going on, here.

So agreeing with Britney07 (It's Stardoll Gossip, B!tch) when Gossip rains, it pours!

Zoe xoxo

Non-Superstar School Outfits

Hi Again,

I have made these (not so pretty but...) school outfits to show you that are all non-superstar and very simple to find and wear. (they've gone a bit fuzzy sorry)

No. 1 Model -

I call this 'Geeky Schoolgirl' and it's $39 which is a lot but quite good for such a detailed but simple outfit if you understand what I mean.

No. 2 Model -

I call this 'The one in the middle' because yes it is in the middle of the picture but she's not cool but not geeky either, so this look is in the middle, it sells for $38 which is cheaper than the one before by 1 stardollar and I perfer it out of all three.

No. 3 Model -

I call this 'The Teacher' I see it as an elderly teacher to be honest and it was quite fun to put together. It's $30 so that makes it the cheaper one compared to the others. I wouldn't buy it myself but it's a good one to look

If you look closly you will see they all have one thing in common the white blouse which is not in the new 'School girl' range that Stardoll has put out. I used this particular item because it was the cheapest non-ss shirt (that look alright lol) I could find.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the school girl's look that Stardoll has recently put out but to be honest...I think I'm happy being free from school lol

Zoe xoxo

Do you like the new banner? (Tell me in comments)

I made it just now. I'll make one for all the other writers when they come...hopefully lol


Welcome to

You Gotta Listen to This!
Hi, I'm Zoe and I am founder of this blog. I made it espeically for Stardoll Gossip and hopefully it'll be as great as all the others. I have asked a few people to write for the blog and hopefully they will say yes (fingers crossed) but if they don't, I'll just be gossiping all day long!
So I hope you have a great time reading all the juicy gossip we find out!
Keep Giggling
Zoe xoxo