Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cover Girl Cover Girl Cover Girl


This Cover Girl business is really doing my head in!

Yes, I can understand you wanting to be Covergirl but it's only meant for the people who look amazing and have a good fashion sense, or who are nice and everyone likes them! No one will vote for you is you hassle them all the time and spend all your money on Broadcasts! Your going to get nowhere and what's the point in spending all your money and time trying to get people to vote. As well as bribing them with gifts and codes! Yes someone might win your code if you become Covergirl but you basically become famous for a day on a virtual website and earn $25, which is probably not even half the amount of stardollars you used to try and become Covergirl! Your better off doing something in real life and become famous and get proper money!!!

But then, they're allowed their opinion!


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