Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tyler Still Blogging

Tyler is still going to be blogging but not for the huge hit Tyler'sTopTrends. Since he decided to abandon it he has made yet a new WordPress blog all about his Stardoll life.

The Stardoll Journey explains what it was like for Tayler all the way until now. Wow that's going to be a long journey. He said he wanted to show us what really happen and quotes, "No rumour will be left behind. I'm here to let it all out. It's Time I told the truth" basically he wants to clear things up about Stardoll and he also said,

"I'm tired of being the target for hatred. Stardoll is supposed to be a place for fun, a place to get away, to relax. It has become way more than that and not in a good way. Haters are building up an 'army' and it's sickening. Many people have said I don't have a life outside of Stardoll, but what I really have to say to the people that hate me or dislike me rather, do you have a life outside Stardoll? Do you verbaly attack me to get recognition or to make your self esteem to go up? Whatever the answer, I couldn't care less...your a sad excuse for a human being. There I said it...shoot me!"

As you can see he really is quite cross with all this hatred and he wants to prove that he's not the person most people think he is. There's a whole lot more said in the post here. The only thing I'm thinking at the moment is...what's the 'army' as he calls it, going to think of this?

GOSSIP ALERT...Big time!!!

Zoe xoxo

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