Monday, 10 August 2009

Non-Superstar School Outfits

Hi Again,

I have made these (not so pretty but...) school outfits to show you that are all non-superstar and very simple to find and wear. (they've gone a bit fuzzy sorry)

No. 1 Model -

I call this 'Geeky Schoolgirl' and it's $39 which is a lot but quite good for such a detailed but simple outfit if you understand what I mean.

No. 2 Model -

I call this 'The one in the middle' because yes it is in the middle of the picture but she's not cool but not geeky either, so this look is in the middle, it sells for $38 which is cheaper than the one before by 1 stardollar and I perfer it out of all three.

No. 3 Model -

I call this 'The Teacher' I see it as an elderly teacher to be honest and it was quite fun to put together. It's $30 so that makes it the cheaper one compared to the others. I wouldn't buy it myself but it's a good one to look

If you look closly you will see they all have one thing in common the white blouse which is not in the new 'School girl' range that Stardoll has put out. I used this particular item because it was the cheapest non-ss shirt (that look alright lol) I could find.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the school girl's look that Stardoll has recently put out but to be honest...I think I'm happy being free from school lol

Zoe xoxo

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