Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Horrible Gossip Strike!!! :o

To be honest, and I think you will agree, Stardoll has lost it's Gossip 'Spark!' It's flat, completely flat!

All the gossip blogs are struggling for a good post, something JUICY to bite your teeth into...but nothing. It's really boring, there is nothing to sit down and want to read more of and bitch about to anyone.

There are no fights, no secrets, no fun in the gossip side of Stardoll!!! So I am going to plead,


But then we could always go back to lying about 'famous' elites...?

...kill me now!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

International Afro Day!

International Afro Day is tomorow so wear all you 80's gear and DANCE DANCE DANCE!!! lol weird I know but I'm doing it!!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cover Girl Cover Girl Cover Girl


This Cover Girl business is really doing my head in!

Yes, I can understand you wanting to be Covergirl but it's only meant for the people who look amazing and have a good fashion sense, or who are nice and everyone likes them! No one will vote for you is you hassle them all the time and spend all your money on Broadcasts! Your going to get nowhere and what's the point in spending all your money and time trying to get people to vote. As well as bribing them with gifts and codes! Yes someone might win your code if you become Covergirl but you basically become famous for a day on a virtual website and earn $25, which is probably not even half the amount of stardollars you used to try and become Covergirl! Your better off doing something in real life and become famous and get proper money!!!

But then, they're allowed their opinion!


Thursday, 3 September 2009

I'm sorry but WHOA! I just had to show you!

Aren't the graphics great? This is Different Magazine coming soon. Click here for the older issues.

Can't wait for it to be released! Sad!

Zoe xoxo

Coming Soon to a Stardoll near you...

Cool huh?

Click here for the link to the official mag and here for the blog! :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Haven't I seen this somewhere before?

While I was checking all the spoilers and such I came across this lil' dress:

Now suddenly something at the back on my mind realised I'd seen it somewhere

I couldn't believe it! When this Beauty Advert was made you couldn't go THAT far into the future with the spoilers...could you?

Or did Stardoll love the design and are making it as a clothing item? Who knows...but if they are, I'm buying it!!!

More news about this soon!

Z xoxo