Monday, 10 August 2009

Wow alot of Gossip huh?

At the moment there is so much gossip spreading over everyone's lips... It's madness.

First last night there was proof that the all-famous DanPuffs is a girl!!! :O With Stardoll Play showing the proof (here) that he is said to be a 17 yr old, called Bella!

Then Tyler's Top Trends one of the most popular Stardoll fashion blogs there is, closed down with word from Tyler himself that he basically just wanted to be a normal Stardoll member. Well to be honest, we can all say it's too late for that Tyler!

And then, if you didn't think this was enough, Gossip Girl showed the world that PerezStarGossip, the Queen of Gossip herself, is actually LaPrimaDonna. All her fans have gone crazy and's still going on, here.

So agreeing with Britney07 (It's Stardoll Gossip, B!tch) when Gossip rains, it pours!

Zoe xoxo

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