Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Will this Become the new Fashion!?

You've probably noticed that nearly all of Stardoll is going Covergirl Crazy! Most superstars are saying they will give you gifts or codes, stardollars and accounts if you vote them. It seems to be the new 'fashion' on how to become Cover Girl, It's Crazy!
But there is someone who is turning this around from being annoying messages spread over Stardoll and has decided that every Friday they will vote 1 person as many times as they can and try and make them Covergirl...but they will be non-superstar. 5*Star blog came up with the idea and I think it's great. I cannot remember one time on Stardoll where the CG was non-ss! This would be a breakthrough if they did become CG and a time that I'm sure everyone would remember. I don't know how they're picking this lucky person but they will try their best to make them CG.
If you want more action about it just click this link here.
Zoe xoxo

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