Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Is PerezStarGossip Gossip Girl???

As I was checking blog post I saw that Gossip Girl yet again posted up and Perez (PerezStarGossip) and Dan (DanPuffs) alot of the comments below where things like, "I don't Care, I'm tired of hearing about this. Something new please!" or "Can you write about someone other than Perez for once?"

Well after all this weirdness who should arrive but LaPrimaDonna herself explaining that after telling the Stardoll World she was LPD she loved getting all this attention....(Fishy huh, maybe she just wanted attention in the first place) well she rambled on and said more things about that "It isn't easy dealing with all this new found popularity." Excuse me but I don't think it was 'New Found' this happend quite a while ago and has been dragged on and on and on! Anyway, further down somone quoted that Gossip Girl's presentation looks exactly the same as LaPrimaDonna's before she changed it and especially said "Before she pretented she was Perez?!"

Then is gets worse/better (lol)

Further down some anon say's this:

It's all spilling out now. LPD could be Perez getting some attention. LPD could be someone seeking attention. Gossip Girl could be Perez and as 'BUSTED' said because alot of people don't believe GG that's why she posts so many things about Perez...or maybe all three of them aren't eachother but there is just alot of gossip with Perez.

Or...I just thought, what if Gossip Girl is LPD and she's done this to either get back at Perez for something? or So she has something to write about? or Because she wants LPD to become Stardoll Famous but she can't think of another way how!

Mmmmmm...We will get to the bottem of this. Somehow we will all find out!!!!

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