Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Danpuffs - Sweet or Sour...

Finally Stardoll's Most Hated Website is back and Danpuffs is doing quite well on his own without the Queen Herself posting.

Danpuffs is finally getting 'his' act together after publically embarassing 'himself' by lying to the Stardoll world about 'his' Gender. (No hard feeling 'Dan' we forgive you)

He most recently posted his veiw on the picked nomanies for 'Star Awards' Giving red to his favourite, blue to who should win and green to the person who he thought should'nt have ever been picked.

Looking at the post now shows he has very strong oppions against Rachweee123 running for Best Dressed Medoll of the Year and Social Butterfly of the year, giving her green in both catagorys:

"Rachwee123 must have bribed the blind to vote for her. She should have swapped their braile keyboard for a cheese grater so they know how insulting it is to genuinly stylish people that she got nominated"

then later added:

"Rachweee123 is a snivelling brown noser desperate for both approval and popularity, if this was the 'I try WAY to hard award' then she'd win without a doubt but of all the nominations she's both the least deserving and the most devoid of personality."

Even though he does state he's biased is this going to far...

Personally I think that the other people Rachweee123's group are more likely to win, but does this still mean you can still put her down? But then he is part of the judging pannel...?

Is Danpuff's sourness really fair? Or is this really his sweeter side?

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