Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Long time huh?

Whoa... never realised how tacky the blog is.

Apologise for the 'never posting' badness of me. I will try and post more, maybe not all the time about Stardoll but...

So, Fresh Start. I'll be doing a makeover on the blog shortly, hopefully creating a much more fun blog.

In the makeover, I'll be changing the name of the blog...it's really not amazing xD

Ideas in Comments?

Zoë x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Y.G.L.T.T - 50th Post...

...is not that big a deal...
But still big enough for me to make a graphic about it...lol

Yes I know, it's not a proper graphic but it's something...

Well that's it really. And that I made myself a new, not so amazing banner...Ü

Z x

Free Next Top Model Black Dress...

This weeks New 'Next Top Models' spoiler trailer and freebie have arrived this time being a black 'Loose Padded Sleeved Dress'

If you live in the UK, just click or copy the link below:


I will find a proxy for other users soon...

Z x

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Which is best?

Simple to answer...Which is best:

Answer in comments please.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Been a long time. We need to catch up...

Yes. It has been long since I have written on this blog. And I tell you, I feel awfuly guilty...for a reason I do not know. Basically I have been extremly busy! Which isn't entirely all my fault.

So apologise for not posting. Anyway...

Since my absense a lot has happened on Stardoll, blogs, what-not and sadly I do not have the time nor the effort to post about everything that has been. So I will proceed with as much 'Gossip' or whatever Stardoll releated stuff I have been posting. However...I need your co-operation. I cannot run a blog without followers,(Other-wise I would be terribly lonely) all top notch blogs have commited followers that comment on the latest post's and may I say...You haven't been. I really don't know if anyone even reads this blog and that makes me quite sad.

I do not want to close down the blog...

So you need to comment...NOW!

Zoe xoxo

P.S All further post's shall proceed until the 5th of Feburary when I will make progress with the blog...hopefully.

Monday, 4 January 2010

44Nicole44's Fashion Star...

Yes yet another Magazine, but with a twist. An album Magazine.

Personally I think it's great, there is Tips, Make Up, Spring Looks, Must Haves and lots more...

Check it all out by clicking here.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Eternity Release party - Revealed

Yes it is finally here. The magazine we have been waiting for:

Two days away!!! I'm totally going!!! What about you?

Growing Magazine Alphabet...

We are now up to D (Different) Magazine which is BACK...with it's second issue and, of course, a party to go with!
It's starts at 7.00pm - Middle Eastern Europe (Stockholm) = 6.00pm GMT and you must dress up inspried by old Hollywood Glamour (Like Marilyn Monroe)

I won't be able to make it. Will you be going?

Runway Release...


Runway's Release Party is today, don't forget to go. All the details are below:

I'll be there, but only for half an hour. It's said to go on until about 7.00pm or even 8.00pm (GMT) Will you be going?

Important Updates...

Below are a couple of subjects I need to talk to you about, either that I am adding on the this blog, or problems I need your help with. I would extremly appreciate it if you read this and told me what you thought in comments.

Thank you

  • Adverts

Take a look down the bar running down the right and you will come to an advert. Basically I am now putting adverts on the blog. I will also post about what they are about and what is good about them. I will also be handing out a 'You Gotta Listen to This' advert for you guys to put on your blogs.

  • Followers and Coments

Finally we have over 20 followers! I am so happy that we are getting better and that more people are reading this blog.

Sadly, I must say that since November maybe even earlier, no one has commented. This brings me to say that if I get no feedback on what I write about, there is simply no point in me even writing. A blog isn't a blog without it's readers and yes, I know you might read this blog, maybe laugh, maybe cry (for a reason I haven't a clue, I just put that in) I don't know you do. It only takes a second. I know it's somtimes a hassle and I don't need you to do it on every single post. But just once in a while, I would appreciate a comment.

  • Join the Official Club

You gotta listen to this has an official club! I bet you didn't know that! Well it does and with only 6 members it is not amazing. Yet again this only takes a second and it's easier to get updates from the blog directly. You don't need to search it just click the big button that says 'Click to Join the Club' Simple as that!

  • Subscribe to Y.G.L.T.T via Email

And finally, you can officially subscribe to the blog. Get all the latest posts sent straight to your inbox for free. It's perfectly safe, run by Blogger itself. All you need to do is friends request me on Stardoll (Theshinystar) and tell me your email. I will not send any other email to you using this address.I will not give away your email nor will I use it for any reason. You can unsubcribe just by emailing or dollmailing me.


I am hoping that with these new updates 'You Gotta Listen to This' will be a better blog and more interactive with readers/followers.

Thank you

Zoe xoxo