Wednesday, 12 August 2009

PerezStarGossip is LaPrimaDonna - The Plot Thickens!

Mmmmm....Kinda fishy to me. People are thinking that PerezStarGossip is LaPrimaDonna, other people are denying it...but do you see Perez saying it isn't true? Nope!

LPD (LaPrimaDonna) is telling the whole stardoll world about it, even making blogger accounts and posting on topics that have nothing to do with it and saying things like this:

Notice that it's not a real blogger account and she must be repeating that, since it's all over LPD's presentation and everything!

Then Further down the page:

Whoa...I don't think Perez is the 'Queen of Stardoll' isn't that a bit much? People say she's the Gossip queen of Stardoll but I don't think she'd say she's the Queen of it and Perez has already said that this closing down the blog was a scam but she might retire the blog, there's even a poll at the side asking if she should and it's still up there! But nope still not denying about being LPD! But notice it's not the same username and not a real blogger account! When actually this is P's:

Fishy huh. Even though it's quite clear this is a scam, that LPD is faking and confusing bascially everyone with all the lying and stuff, but still P isn't denying it! And BurnBook and Gossip Girl are very convincing it's still quite a big mistery!!!

Zoe xoxo

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