Monday, 25 January 2010

Been a long time. We need to catch up...

Yes. It has been long since I have written on this blog. And I tell you, I feel awfuly guilty...for a reason I do not know. Basically I have been extremly busy! Which isn't entirely all my fault.

So apologise for not posting. Anyway...

Since my absense a lot has happened on Stardoll, blogs, what-not and sadly I do not have the time nor the effort to post about everything that has been. So I will proceed with as much 'Gossip' or whatever Stardoll releated stuff I have been posting. However...I need your co-operation. I cannot run a blog without followers,(Other-wise I would be terribly lonely) all top notch blogs have commited followers that comment on the latest post's and may I say...You haven't been. I really don't know if anyone even reads this blog and that makes me quite sad.

I do not want to close down the blog...

So you need to comment...NOW!

Zoe xoxo

P.S All further post's shall proceed until the 5th of Feburary when I will make progress with the blog...hopefully.

1 comment:

chucky16 said...

I love this blog!!!
Please dinna close it down!!!
Luv ya